IB Seminars 2015

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2015-08-07 Friday 13:15 To be announced pending A. Ladokhin Conformational switching by protonation and membrane protein insertion Antoinette Killian
2015-06-11 Thursday 13:15 RUPPERT PAARS Lotte Bang Pedersen Assembling and dismantling the primary cilium: a cellular signalling organelle Anna Akhmanova
2015-03-05 Thursday 13:15 RUPPERT ROOD Clare M. Waterman Integration of adhesion and actin dynamics
2015-02-20 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT A Sven C.D. van IJzendoorn The role of endosomes in epithelial cell polarity Lukas Kapitein
2015-02-06 Friday 13:15 UMCU, Henny van Peperzeelzaal Ashley Toye Investigating membrane assembly during erythropoiesis using in vitro erythoroid culture and shRNAs

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