IB Seminars 2017

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2017-07-21 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT D Roop Mallik Lipid-Motor interactions in Intracellular Transport Anna Akhmanova
2017-07-07 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT ROOD Wanda Kukulski Linking architecture and function of cellular membranes by correlative microscopy Judith Klumperman – (0)88 755 6650
2017-07-04 Tuesday 13:15 RUPPERT ROOD Serge Dmitrieff Balance of microtubule stiffness and cortical tension determines the size of blood cells with marginal band across species Lukas Kapitein
2017-06-12 Monday 13:15 RUPPERT ROOD Roberto Zoncu The lysosome in nutrient sensing and cellular growth control Judith Klumperman – (0)88 755 6650
2017-05-10 Wednesday 13:15 UNNIK 211 Adriana Celis Ramirez Unraveling lipid metabolism in lipid-dependent pathogenic Malassezia yeasts Hans de Cock
2017-04-18 Tuesday 13:15 RUPPERT PAARS Brian Freeman Molecular chaperones regulate the chromatin landscape: Is it time to move? Stefan RĂ¼diger

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